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It means grit, guts, courage, determination ... the "it" thing, the intangible to get you through, get you started, keep you going.  moxie3innovations was founded on the very foundation of the definition of moxie.  Locally owned and operated, moxie3innovations originated in 2011 by three astoundingly creative women, Jennifer Tengan, Sherice Ajifu, and Dana Kagawa; when we had the courage to leave our steady   9-5 life to create our dream. 


The dream... starting as design company who would help others in creating and crafting their brands. However, we quickly found there was a need and demand for a quality screen printed shirt that was completed on time.  With the determination to figure it out, we set out to learn the art and craft of screen printing.  Through trail and error, many hours of youtube, traveling to trade shows, meeting vendors, and visiting various screen printing shops, we continued to strive and learn as much as we can.  We are passionate about learning and pushing the boundaries of what we can create.  As we grew, we acquired an industry leading automated printing machine which is known for its precision, reliability and durability which will allow us to print quality screen printed shirts efficiently.


As we began to expand, we purchased a bottle printing machine which was the first of its kind to the islands with the ability to directly print full wrap designs on to bottles.  With these machines and the creative minds and talents of the three women of moxie3innovations, we were able to create customized designs and print on to shirts and/or bottles.

Looking to broaden our market, we also offers our moxie3extras where customers can customize items like tents, banners, flags, table clothes, and much more.  

Today moxie3innovations opens its doors in Halawa valley, where we continue to work day in and day out to produce quality products.

Sherice Ajifu
Dana Kagawa
Jennifer Tengan
Amanda Ogimachi