Our belief?

"Trust your crazy ideas"

we do.


One crazy idea after another, a yes which should've been a no...what started as a "side hustle" turned into a full fledged production company in the last 9 years. With a little bit of luck and a whole lot of grit, moxie has gone from a single press manual printer to a multi faceted production company specializing in over 100 types of print products. While t-shirt screening is our bread and butter, we love creating custom products unique to our customers.

Meet The Team

Sherice Ajifu

Jenn Tengan

Dana Kagawa



moxie leverages the power of production to teach, coach and provide opportunities through work life integration. As a team, we're commited to lifelong learning and leaning into our individual strengths to provide excellence with integrity. Teamwork and togetherness drive our hunt to make the impossible, possible.

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